Both around Valentines Day and in the early spring season I tend to reach more for pink when I’m designing jewelry. I always associate pink with the season of love (Valentine’s Day), it also works so well for early spring in Colorado. There’s something about March that whispers of the warmer weather that makes me reach for my favorite spring jewelry. Pink was the inspiration around the Pretty in Pink Volume III spring jewelry collection. Shop these new designs now!

When I initially created the Pretty in Pink jewelry collection my goal was to embrace pink as a romantic color. I also wanted to embrace it as a color in general, because for the longest time I shunned anything pink. I had so much fun that I revisited this theme last year with my Pretty in Pink Volume II release, and designing with such a vibrant color in the dead of winter helped bring life to my inspiration.

After such a positive experience the last two goes, I couldn’t help but reach for pink again this February. While the accessories that are part of this collection may have been created in February, during the month of love and the dead of winter, I’m releasing them now as spring jewelry in the early spring season when I tend to want the warmer weather to stick around. Colorado rarely obliges (snow is forecasted for this week even), so let these jewels carry you until spring is here to stay.

As always, snag your favorite design in my online shop. These one of a kind designs won’t last long!

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