When you were younger, you often played dress-up with your mom’s sparkly long necklaces. There was something about the way the necklace, which fell past your belly button, finished your look. Now that you have an office job, you’re looking for professional jewelry that is office-appropriate and evening-ready.

Or, maybe when you were younger you favored the simple friendship necklace you shared with your equally fashionable friend. That simplicity is what you crave with your handmade jewelry.

About Fifth Essence Jewelry

Fifth Essence Jewelry is unique handmade jewelry crafted for professional women. Each design incorporates wireworking, stringing, and metalsmithing techniques together. Because supplies are purchased in small quantities, many of the accessories you find available are one-of-a-kind.

Each design is intended to tell a story for the wearer, pulled from a variety of inspirations. Depending on the season, you’ll find offerings. This includes fall-inspired necklaces, telling the story of the transition of the seasons, handmade metal jewelry pendants crafted with sterling silver and opals, evoking the ocean, or strings of gemstone beads in a variety of pink hues to signify the spring season. The result is small unique jewelry collections that have a limited number of designs in each.

Where did the name come from?

Fifth Essence Jewelry was born of a quote from Shakespeare’s famous play Hamlet. Fifth Essence comes from the Latin “Quintia Essentia” and has two definitions in the dictionary.
1) The fifth and highest element in ancient and midieval philosophies that permeates all nature and is the substance composing the celestial bodies
2) The root of quintessence, the essence of something in its purest and most concentrated form

About the Artist

Fifth Essence Jewelry is custom jewelry Fort Collins local artist Ashley Lauwereins crafts by hand. Each item is thoughtfully put together by hand, in a garage studio, often with accents that are handpicked. In addition to handmade jewelry, Ashley also designs custom orders, including handmade jewelry gifts and custom wedding jewelry, either for the special day or to give as gifts.

When Ashley isn’t in the studio making jewelry, you’ll find her enjoying a beer at her favorite craft brewery, hiking, spending time outside on a run, or relaxing with her cat Sappho, dog Athena, and boyfriend Josh.