In 2014  my friend Sarah got engaged and she was married in 2015. She was the first of my friends to get married, and the first to ask me to be part of her wedding party. She also gave me the honor of helping create custom wedding jewelry unique to her day. Because I’ve known Sarah for so long, and because we have been through so much together in the years that we’ve been friends, I knew that I wanted to create something truly special for her that she would really appreciate and value. 

Sarah and her now husband Aaron are both huge comic fans. When she began mentioning the little comic nods she was planning to include in her ceremony and reception, I knew that incorporating comics into the wedding jewelry would add the perfect touch.

Sarah loves Wonder Woman. She is her favorite comic book character because the man who created Wonder Woman was a psychologist, and Sarah studied psychology as her undergraduate degree. Incorporating Wonder Woman comics into the custom wedding jewelry for the bridal party seemed to be the perfect ode to the bride.

I pitched the idea: feature Wonder Woman comics in bezels with resin and other mixed-media elements, and Sarah loved the idea. I worked with the Nunn Design team to find bezels, jump rings, star findings, and even more to create our custom bracelets. The team was so great at being excited about the idea and helping me think of additional components to make the concept special.

What was even more special about this whole project was that the entire bridal party got together one afternoon and created their own unique bracelet. It was a bonding moment for all us ladies and allowed each of us to make the exact bracelet design we wanted with our own personal flair. To this day I still wear the bracelet I made for Sarah’s wedding; it reminds me of our friendship and is unique and personal for me.

A wedding can be a stressful time for any bride as they navigate how to make their day everything they imagined (and more). If you want a specific jewelry design to pair with your special day, but you are having trouble finding it, let me help! I have the experience working with brides to create the custom wedding jewelry they dream of for their special day. Contact me and let’s get started!

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