Every jewelry artist should have resources, and Beadwork magazine is the go-to resource for me. I love how stylish each issue is and the themes are always up to trend and stylish. Recently, I was fortunate to be able to make a project that was featured in the December/January issue.

This necklace pulls inspiration from my Sparkling Snow jewelry collection. When I was creating this collection I had an inquiry from my friends at the magazine for the Fast & Fabulous section. The teme was Sparkle, and I knew that I could easily create something for the team.

With this project, I got to work with Ceralun epoxy clay for the first time. This high-quality clay has a robust color and is very high-quality. I also had the pleasure of working with Swarovski crystals within the pendant; any time a jewelry designer gets to use Swarovski crystals in their necklace project is a good day.

I’m so happy with the final design. This necklace project is wearable and a great introduction to working with epoxy clay in your projects. If you’re looking for inspiration to create bling-tastic projects I can’t recommend this issue enough.

Below is an extremely abbreviated list of steps to create this necklace. For a full material list and a complete list of step by step directions, pick up Beadwork magazine or purchase the digital version of the issue. In the pages you can learn where to find these exact supplies and all the considerations you would need for working with epoxy clay and how to correctly connect the chains and components together. 

Winter Sparkle Necklace

  1. Mix together the epoxy clay and place it in your pendant of choice. Add crystals using a beeswax stick, and let cure and harden for at least 24-hours.
  2. To add the single crystal to the charm pendant mix together two-part epoxy glue to secure the crystal. Make sure this is jewelry grade epoxy so you don’t ruin the stone (I like epoxy 330 the best). Let cure for 24-hours.
  3. Once bezels have cured, use a pinch bail on the epoxy clay pendant and jump ring through crystal pendant. String through the wire frame.
  4. Attach wireframe to crystal chain with a crystal bead. Use a wire-wrapped loop to combine and secure. Repeat on the other side.
  5. Attach crystal chain to the oval chain with a wire-wrapped loop crystal bead.
  6. Add additional accents to the crystal frame that you’d like. I added a crystal bead using a headpin, but this can easily be personalized.
  7. Attach a clasp to the back of your choice.

What variations would you make to my necklace? Share your ideas below in the comments!

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