I’ve heard it said that winter is a season of rejuvenation. The longer nights and colder temps are the time to retreat inside, focus internally, and rest in anticipation of the busy months ahead. I often use the time I get this time of year to create and to draw from the abundant jewelry making inspiration from me.

I am a true fan of the colder winter and the inspiration and beauty that the season provides. It isn’t just a cold and miserable time, there is a true beauty to be had if you know where to look. Here are three sights that have inspired the jewelry that I create.

Frozen bodies of water

Frozen lakes, or other large icy frozen chunks of water, are a sight that peak my interest. Not only are they a beautiful sight, but they are also often fleeting, with the milder winters in Colorado limiting the sight to January and February only. The ice also presents other basic principles of art that inspire me. Color, with multiple hues of blue, grey, and white; texture with the chunks that freeze together; and depth, with the space these frozen layers take up.

Freshly fallen snow

When it’s cold outside and the snow starts to fall, something special happens. The light flakes Stay intact and gently build on the naked trees, evergreens, and even the ground. What forms is a surface that when the early morning sun hits it, sparkles and shimmers.

This is a lovely sight to behold, and it was the inspiration I had for my Sparkling Snow jewelry collection. There seems to be a funny misconception that sparkly and shimmery is reserved for New Years’ only, but on very cold days, I love the way the white captures the light and emulates this favorite winter sight.

The Forrest in Winter

Retreating into the Forrest to snowshoe, hike, and completely disengage in the winter is unlike any other time of year. The snow traps the sound, making it peaceful and quiet. While many consider winter a season of monotony, that’s far from true. There are bursts of greens, reds, and browns mixed with white to create a lovely sight. And being away from the hustle and bustle is relaxing and rejuvenating. I used the inspiration of a winter Forrest for my Into the Woods jewelry collection, the first cohesive jewelry collection I ever released.

Winter Inspiration

To me, winter is far from bleak. If you look closely, there is beauty and inspiration to be found. What sights from the winter do you find inspiring? Share you favorite sights of winter below in the comments!

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