Of all the things I find most inspiring for my work, one of my favorite places to visit in my imagination is a woodland forest covered in snow. It’s no secret that I love the winter months, and long for cooler weather year-round. But the quiet and magic of a forest blanketed in snow is my safe space.

The first collection I released was my Into the Woods jewelry collection that sought to capture the majesty of a winter forest scene. I loved creating that collection and designing with whites, silvers, reds, and greens to create elegant designs perfect for the cooler winter months and beyond. Each winter I remember how much I enjoyed the inspiration of a winter forest scene and I’ve craved going back to that peaceful place for another collection.

When I discovered tree agate at the Tucson Shows in 2020, I knew I had the perfect gemstone to match my winter wonderland inspiration. The Winter Forest jewelry collection was born that day, and all it was waiting for was the right amount of time to all come together. Shop the Winter Forest Jewelry Collection on Etsy now.

Introducing the Winter Forest Jewelry Collection

For this collection I didn’t just release stringing designs, I wanted to incorporate metal as well. My metalsmithing designs take time, so I’ve been fortunate to spend the colder winter months creating these lovely looks. I am excited about the earrings, pendant, and ring designs I was able to craft as part of this collection.

Each accessory evokes a cold winter day with freshly falling snow. This scene is peaceful, quiet, and untouched by anyone else. It is my hope that the wearer can experience some of this serenity when they wear these designs.

The Winter Forest collection incorporates a wide variety of gemstones. These include tree agate, howlite, white agate, dendrandic opal, red lightning agate, and druzy gemstones. Each was hand-selected because of the way they emulate winter scenes differently. Whether it’s snow on a tree, or blanketing a mountainside, each of these stones.

What is great about this collection is the variety of jewelry included. If you love earrings, there are three different sets, one in stud form. If you’re a fan of statement necklaces, there are options for you. If you’d rather wear a more simple design, there are plenty of options for you as well. I hope you enjoy these designs as much as I enjoyed creating each item.

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