Mobile traffic has taken the world by storm, especially for search engines. In today’s world, users demand fast websites that answer their top questions. For these reasons, AMP was created. But what is accelerated mobile pages (AMP) exactly?

Accelerated mobile pages, or AMP pages, are one of the best ways to ensure speed for anyone visiting your website on a mobile device. Whether you have a large eCommerce store online or are simply trying to promote your jewelry designs, you want to be sure that customers can find the information they want on your website quickly, no matter the device.

What are AMP pages?

AMP is a Google program that uses HTML and JavaScript to host the web page and then serve a cached version to users instantly. Translation: Google stores the web page in a way that it can be instantly served up when someone views your website. If you’re still confused, Facebook Instant Articles operate in a very similar way.

Because Google is supporting this technology if you install AMP on your website you will ultimately rank higher on the results pages if you implement it. If a significant amount of your website traffic comes from mobile, of if you are planning on growing your mobile traffic, you may consider AMP for your website.

Another reason to consider using AMP is from the customer perspective. They’ll appreciate how quickly the web pages load when searching for you on their phones.

Installing Accelerated Mobile Pages: WordPress

If you have a website on WordPress then you’re in luck; there are many different plugins you can install to ensure that AMP is installed on your site. After the app is installed, it will automatically create an AMP version of all your future website posts without you even thinking about it.

Installing Accelerated Mobile Pages: Other Platforms

If you host your website using another content management system, you still have options for incorporating AMP on your website. Many other platforms offer their own apps or plugins for AMP, and if yours doesn’t you can implement AMP by incorporating HTML code to your website. If you don’t know HTML, it may be worth asking for help developing this into your website.

Search engines are tricky beasts so this marketing abbreviation guide can help get you started. What other questions do you have about AMP? Leave them below in the comments!

One thought on “What is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)? A How-To Guide

  1. I reduced my bounce rates from smaller devices to nearly half by applying AMP for my site. I use WordPress and the plugins makes my life easy. The plugins automatically directs the user to AMP pages if they are on smart phones. AMP pages implementation is really important these days.

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