When you’re planning a wedding, the dresses and jewelry you select will match your personal style and colors of course, but often they are specific to the season that you choose for your special day. Why should your jewelry be any different? Here are wedding jewelry ideas for materials and aesthetics you can use to imagine your perfect wedding jewelry, no matter the season.

Winter Weddings: Sparkle, White and Silver Accents

During a crisp winter day in Colorado, freshly fallen snow sparkles under the sunlight in the early morning. This, to me, is the essence of winter, and what I would want to capture in the jewelry for a winter wedding. Capture the same sparkle with jewelry that includes crystals. Or, if you’d like to incorporate jewelry with the same colors of the season, whites and silvers are the perfect accent colors for your jewelry. Gemstones that are perfect for the winter include moonstones, iolite, labradorite, white quartz, white howlite, and white jade. As a bonus, these colors are versatile and can go with almost any wedding color selected.

Spring: Pale Hues to Bold Colors

Spring is the season of new beginnings when the earth is reborn. Depending on the time of year this season has the most versatile colors around with hues in every shade. In the early season, paler hues sprout through late-season snow and are a welcome pop of color. Flourite, rose quartz, kyanite and peridot are ideal gemstones to capture the colors of an early spring. In the later part of the season, these pale hues transition to bold colors. For more bold color pops, rhodochrosite, pink opal, amethyst, tourmaline, or jasper can make perfect accents.

Summer: Sunsets and Gold

In the summertime, golds shine brightly. From the rich sunsets, you can enjoy outdoors to rich sunshine on a warm afternoon, summertime is a bold season that would be paired with equally bold colors. Pair gold with rich colored gemstones like a deep blue, bold pinks, or a mixture of colors. Cherry quartz, pink moonstone, tourmaline, lapis, or amazonite are all great gemstones for a summertime wedding.

Fall: Earthy Tones in Vibrant Colors

Fall bursts with warmer colors including red, yellow, orange, magenta, and every hue in between. This season supports a variety of metals too including copper, bronze, and gold. This season is also the time to let earthy hued gemstones shine, with red tiger eye, smokey quartz, garnet, and even jasper. Because these earthy tones all go together so well, it’s easy to combine several into a beautiful accent necklace.

Wedding Jewelry Ideas for All Seasons

If you’re considering having custom wedding jewelry made for your wedding, I hope these wedding jewelry ideas help you get started thinking about the materials, colors, and gemstones you could use in your designs. If you’re searching for someone who can help you create the custom wedding jewelry of your dreams, I’d love to help. Contact me by email or on social media.

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