My creativity tends to bloom in the spring. I think this is partially due to the warming temperatures (when your studio is in the garage, warmer weather is easier to work in) and by giving myself a rest I’m able to look at components in a new light. Many half-made designs have sat over winter and then been quickly pieced together in the spring.

I have also found that I’m much more likely to incorporate color in the spring. Sometimes it can be hard to add color to your jewelry designs, but there is something about seeing blooming flowers that inspires me to incorporate more than usual. Blues, pinks, purples – none are left out. Like the first blooming flowers of spring, you can always tell which of my jewelry was designed in the spring.

Color is one of the fundamental elements of art and design. I learned that according to design schools, color is a visual element made up of three properties: hue, value, and intensity. Hue refers to the name of the color, value is the hue’s lightness or darkness, and the intensity is the quality of brightness and purity.

It goes without saying that color is fundamental to any jewelry design. Your ultimate choice of color will be the deciding factor between an accessory that blends in or one that stands out. So, how can you add color to your jewelry designs while still being true to your design aesthetic? Here are four ways to add color to your jewelry designs.

Gemstoways to add color to your jewelryne Beads

I love gemstones; in fact, many of my finished jewelry designs incorporate a variety of colorful stones. Natural gemstones are a great way to add a pop of color to your springtime jewelry designs. I love them because each cut is so unique in clarity and coloring. Different gemstones even have different healing properties which can be an added bonus for your designs. I absolutely love to find strands of gemstones that have a variety of colors so that all I need is a pendant to complete the designs.



ways to add color to your jewelryIf you want to incorporate a different element into your jewelry design, you may consider adding ribbon or other fabric elements. Ribbon is one element that I include in my jewelry designs very sparingly. But when I do, it stands out. If you want to take the plunge and add ribbon or fabric to your jewelry designs, here are some ways to do it:

  • Weaving it into chain.
  • Knotting it between beads.
  • Adding it as a second (or third) strand to your necklace.
  • Placing it inside a pendant bottle.
  • Using it as a connector between elements.


I love using resin because it gives you the ability to incorporate found objects, mixed media elements, and color in unique ways. Resin provides so many different ways to add color to your jewelry. Dye it for a pop of color, sprinkle in glitter for something less bold, or layer colorful components together for a unique element. Creating a colorful resin pendant is a great option for adding a colorful element with a variety of uses.

Painting Metal Components

If you’re using a metal object and want to change the look, adding paints, dyes, inks, or even nail polish is one way to add color to your jewelry and change the look completely. Myself personally, I tend to buy multiples of something when I really like it. Painting the surface can help differentiate that component and make it unique in its own way.

What other tips do you have for incorporating color into your jewelry? Share them below!

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