Valentines Day falls on February 14 and is dedicated to love. While the holiday started out innocently as a way to honor your partner, but like most holidays was commercialized to include gifts. Often flowers and chocolates are the go-to gifts but if you’re looking for a unique gift for Valentine’s Day, this may be the year to get handmade jewelry. Here are some of my top pink necklace recommendations that make perfect Valentine’s Day jewelry gifts.

Statement jewelry

If you are shopping for someone who loves to make a statement and prefers bolder looks, one of my statement necklaces is perfect. If they prefer something with a bit of sparkle and shine, the
Sweet Lilac Pink Accent Necklace is the right accessory. If the person you’re shopping for prefers a more organic design, the Pink Dahlia Coral Accent Necklace features three different shapes of coral in a single design.

Tassel necklaces

Tassels add a fun visual element to necklaces, creating length without being too flashy. If you’re buying a handmade necklace gift for someone who prefers less-complex jewelry, one of these could the perfect gift for them. For gemstone-lovers, the Sunset Tassel Necklace mixes an elegant long tassel with a cherry quartz gemstone accent. For someone who only wants a hint of pink, the Pink Silver Filigree Necklace mixes a pale-pink tassel with a geometric silver accent. The Pink Peony Necklace features pale pink crystals with a tassel of a unique half-moon shape that emulates spring flowers.

Gemstone necklaces

If you’re buying jewelry for someone who likes natural gemstones, there are plenty of pretty pink options available in my shop. The Pink Coral Wheel Necklace has pale pink gemstones accented with a silver wheel pendant. For a mix of pink and gold, the Pink Tourmaline Necklace has elegant pink tourmaline gemstones and gold chain accents. If you are shopping for someone who likes rose gold, then the Rose Gold Hematite Necklace fits the bill.

Valentines Day jewelry gifts to give

Handmade jewelry is a great unique gift to give your special someone for Valentine’s Day. Whether they like pink or another color, there’s something for everyone in my online shop. Shop by February 9th to ensure delivery in time for Valentine’s Day.

I love writing about my recommendations for different gift-giving holidays, so I wrote about my favorite Valentine’s Day pink jewelry recommendations before. Take a look back to see my recommendations from 2021.

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