Sometimes, offering your customers an incentive to buy can help improve your jewelry sales. If you’re looking for a great way to add a boost in your sales, tie an offer to the holidays.

Instead of focusing your holiday sale ideas on the big ones, stand out by utilizing some smaller holidays. If you are looking for holiday promotion ideas, here are five different holidays you can tie your promotions to.

Your Birthday

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that behind a business is a person with vision who handcrafts each item. By offering a promotion for your birthday it reminds your customers that you are a person, and it gives them a bit more information about you, the person behind the jewelry.

First Day of a new season

The change in seasons may not seem like an important time, but for some, it marks a change in wardrobe and accessories. Highlighting the change in seasons is a great way to highlight items in your inventory, and to also encourage those who may be looking for new accessories to buy from you.

May Day

May Day was historically used as a festival to welcome the return of spring. For many places (Colorado included) May is when it really begins to feel like spring.

Leap Year

Every four years there’s an extra day in the year, and that is worth celebrating. Because it’s only every four years, you have the option to do something really big for your buyers. Or, at least use the extra day to generate more sales with a coupon or other discount offer.

Super Bowl or other Sporting Event

Sports are something that unites people and causes a celebration. If you live in an area where your sporting team is in the finals, you can use that as a unique holiday to celebrate. Similar to promoting an offer on your birthday, this tactic can also humanize you to your audience and also let you connect with them.

Holiday promotion ideas to stand out

Thinking creatively about the promotions you offer your customers helps you stand out from your competition, and utilizing one of these holiday promotion ideas is just one tactic. What other unique holidays should be added to this list? Share them below in the comments!

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

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