I love attending the Tucson Shows. They are great places to see my friends, catch up with my suppliers, meet new ones, and to get the supplies I use in my jewelry. That being said, it’s expensive to travel to the shows, not to mention spend on supplies. Because of this, I started attending every-other-year to help with the cost.

I skipped attending the shows in 2019, so I’ll be back in 2020. Based on the last few shows I’ve attended, here are some Tucson gem show 2020 tips I’ll be following for a successful show.

Limiting your time at the shows

I’ve found that when I spend too much time at the shows, I tend to get a bit overwhelmed and tired. I’ve found that at minimum, three days (with two nights) is ideal at letting me maximize my time, see the shows I want to see, and feeling very productive with my trip. Ultimately, when you attend any show the goal is to spend enough time that you feel like you made the most of your trip and accomplished everything you wanted to accomplish.

Attend a mix of shows

I’ve talked about my favorite Tucson shows to attend. Each show I choose to spend at feeds the different style of jewelry that I make, and allows me to view the trends for the upcoming year. By visiting the different shows I’m able to talk to all the different vendors I know and love, see what’s new, meet new people, and purchase supplies for the different jewelry that I create. However, there are also shows I choose to attend that I won’t buy a single thing at. This is to help me see the upcoming trends and find inspiration. Attending these shows is just as important as those I attend and spend money at.

Making a shopping list

Every time I attend Tucson I will get distracted by shiny objects. But I’ve found that having a shopping list for what I need is key to my success. I start months ahead of time making a list of items that run out I should restock. Then, I look ahead to the collections I hope to create in the coming years to help focus on the items I need to shop for.

Will I strictly follow the list I create? Absolutely not! However, looking through all my items and reminding myself what I truly need to restock helps keep me on track as I wander through the shows I attend.

Trying to keep a budget

It’s so easy to spend money at the shows. Almost every booth boasts savings so while you think you’re saving money you’re very quickly spending it. Go with an amount in mind and stick to it! Having cash on hand to spend vs. using a credit card can help curb the spending as well.

Splurge purchases are ok if they serve a purpose

Every year I’ll find one item at the Tucson gem shows that I didn’t know I needed. These finds can throw off my budget, but I make what seem to be snap decisions about purchasing and I move forward. Ultimately, if you see something that isn’t on the list that catches your eye, ask yourself this question: will I use it? If the answer is a quick “yes” you should buy that item. If you can’t immediately answer that question, it may be best to leave it for others.

My helpful Tucson gem show 2020 tips

I hope you find value in these different tips valuable as you look forward to the Tucson shows in 2020. What are some tips you swear by for taking on Tucson? Share them below!

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