I returned to the Tucson Gem, Jewelry, Fossil, and Mineral Shows in 2018 after taking a year off. It was great being back to see the jewelry vendors I enjoy buying from, to look at the latest trends in the industry, and of course to spend money on the supplies I need to continue making beautiful jewelry.

This year I attended 12 different shows, and while I was looking at pretty things, I tried to keep my eyes open for some similar sights I saw while I was there. Here are some trends I saw while I was in Tucson.


No matter what show I attended Druzy was there. I saw strands of beads in a variety of colors at Gem Mall, found pre-made pendants at To Bead True Blue, and saw beautiful cabochons in more natural hues while I was at AGTA and GJX. This stone is certainly a popular one, and it seems like there are so many different applications.

While I was there I picked up some new strands in a champagne color, grey, and white that were all lightly coated. I also found some beautiful tear-drop shapes I plan to use as pendants in future designs.

A Variety of Metals

Remember how I went on my bronze jewelry kick last fall? While I was at Tucson I was seeing many different metal types in findings and chain, no matter the show I attended. Copper, bronze, gun metal, rose gold; all of these different metals were being showcased. I also saw some lovely matte finished silver and gold chain that was different from the shiny finish I’m used to.

I think that the fashion jewelry industry is changing and beginning to accept different metals. I’m excited to begin to use these different metals in my future jewelry designs.

Alternative Materials & Gemstones

Gary Wilson has made a name for himself in the jewelry industry because of the different items that he carries and incorporates into his jewelry designs. Everyone knows you can buy cut-up license plates, porcelain, billiard balls, lunch boxes, and fordite from him, but this year I was noticing even more unique items that are making their way into the jewelry world.

One of the most interesting things that I saw was Impactite. This stone was essentially desert glass that was created when a meteor struck the sand. It came in different colors depending on the situations. It’s really inspiring to see such interesting materials being sold and embraced by the industry.

Even if you didn’t attend the Tucson Shows, I’d like to hear from you. What new trends are you seeing around the industry that excites you? If you did attend the shows, what were some trends that you saw? Comment below!

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