When I was thinking about the summer jewelry collections I wanted to create this year, I knew that I wanted to do something that included the color blue and was inspired by water. Not because I particularly love water but because I truly wanted to dive into the color blue and explore it in a collection.

Blue has always been one of my favorite colors. In color theory, blue is a calming color. It signifies trust, wisdom, loyalty, depth, and stability, all grounding colors that remind us to take a deep breath and exert inner peace.

I love that I had the freedom to dive into a color that I love. For this collection, I choose a variety of gemstones in blue including kyanite, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, amazonite, and iolite from the cold bench. I also worked on a few metalsmith items for this collection, debuting a pendant with a shattuckite stone and an opal statement ring.

This collection isn’t my largest, but for all the shows that I have done this month, I’m proud of what I’ve created. Many of these items were dreamed up while I was sitting in my tent talking with people who visited me and were inspired by what I brought with me that day. I think I’ll revisit this idea again later. For now, I hope you enjoy the items I had the time to create.

As always, shop the collection in my Etsy Store.

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