Life happens, which means that occasionally you’ll want to take a break from your business to go on vacation, or to focus on another pressing life matter. When this happens, if you’re trying to ensure consistency with your business, planning ahead and using tools to help you schedule content can help give off the appearance that you are still behind the keyboard. If you’re looking for some top marketing scheduling tools to help you plan ahead, here are a few you can get started with.

Pre-scheduling blogs

My website uses the WordPress platform, giving me a comprehensive scheduling tool for most of my blogs. This means that when I’m feeling particularly productive, I can write several blogs and pre-schedule them. Most different blog platforms should allow you to pre-schedule content; if you need to plan ahead and step away for a few days, use these features to plan out your content.

Social Media scheduling tools

Similar to my blog posts, pre-scheduling posts within Facebook is one way to maximize the time I have across platforms. With Facebook, I often schedule out my posts for weeks at a time. Even if you don’t usually schedule content, it’s a great way to plan ahead and ensure you’re regularly posting even if you aren’t at your computer. If you want to look into free automated social media posting platforms for other social media accounts, you can translate the same forethought across platforms.


I love If This Than That. These different plugins allow technology to work for me, and in many cases, I have rules set up to do things for me without any work from me. If you haven’t yet checked out this platform I can’t recommend it enough and the time it will save you.

Pre-schedule emails

If you’re using an email marketing strategy for your business, scheduling emails is a great way to plan ahead and ensure your campaign sends at the time you want it to. I love using the scheduling tool for my campaigns that I send monthly to give me the time to ensure that links go live and I can post other notifications that I want to send out at the same time. These same rules apply when you’re out of the office. Check everything before you leave and rest assured your email will send exactly when it needs to.

Top marketing scheduling tools for your business when you’re on vacation

Whether you’re on vacation or you’re trying to free up time in the future, using these scheduling tools are great ways to keep everything seamlessly running behind the scenes while taking your much deserved time off. What do you use to plan ahead when you’re out of the office? Share your favorite tools in the comments below!

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