Knowing artists and the creative community where you live is key. These individuals regularly do the same local craft show circuit and can often have unmatched advice, making networking them beneficial for your business and helping you grow your knowledge. If you’re looking for ways to connect and network with local makers, try these tips.

Find local maker groups on social media

Almost all areas have a local Facebook group for local makers, the key is finding it. If they host local meetups, join them to meet and follow artisans on social media. If your local maker group is anything like mine they will host events, tips, and information in the group. This is invaluable if you’re just starting to navigate your way or if you’re a veteran.

Join local gatherings and meetups

In-person meetups are also a great way to get to know makers in your area. These events can help you meet business owners in person and also connect with people. Attending one in-person meet up helped me connect with the maker group in my local area and I’m so glad I went; it helped me learn about wholesale opportunities and craft shows that are worth my time.

Network with craft show attendees

One of the best things I’ve ever done is to make friends with my neighbors at craft shows. That’s because two of these vendors have become some good friends and have been able to provide invaluable advice. Looking at another vendor as competition helps no one, but being kind and helpful could result in friendships. Take it from me; make friends with your neighbors.

Ways to network with local makers

These are just a few ways to network with local makers. What tips do you have for networking? Share them below in the comments!

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