Instagram is a social media platform that focuses on visual content. For this reason, I think that this platform is ideal for jewelry artists who want to showcase the designs they create to their followers.

Instagram is key for visually showing off your jewelry designs. I use this platform the most for everything from my inspiration, sharing posts of other accounts I follow, showing designs that are in progress, and final shots of my jewelry that are about to be posted online. While the platform is easy to use, here are some tips you can take to effectively use Instagram for your jewelry business.

Facebook Push

Because Instagram was acquired by Facebook, the integration between the two platforms is pretty seamless. If you want to run ads, push from Instagram to your Facebook page, or share content between both, these steps are easy to do.

While it may seem appealing to push everything you post onto Facebook, this shouldn’t be your only strategy for the platform.

Consist Filters are Key

When you post to Instagram, picking a few filters every time is key. Selecting three to four that appropriately reflect your brand and sticking with them will help create a cohesive look to your Instagram page. That, and it will make it easy for your followers to pick the photos you post as distinctively yours when they scroll through their feed.


One of the best tips I’ve learned about using Instagram successfully is to find 9-10 different goals of your photos. Every time you post, make sure that you hit on one of these goals with the photo. This will also help create a cohesive Instagram page, but more than that it will help tell a unified story about your brand for your followers.

What tips do you have for mastering Instagram? What have you found successful for working with Instagram? Share your thoughts and comments below!

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