No matter how long you’ve been writing website content, over time as things advance and change, older content can become irrelevant. That’s why it’s important to spend time updating your website content. I recently read an article about when to update content, and when to delete it. Here are a few key takeaways you can use for updating your website content.

Updating website content

When building your jewelry website, there is usually content that’s key to building your brand and authority. As things change, the tips posted in these older posts may need to be updated with new information. If the content is still important and key to your business, update the content with the correct relevant information. Once you do that, you can republish it as new, even though the bones may be older.

Deleting website content

Just because it was once great doesn’t mean that it still serves you. If your content is no longer relevant or needed, you can delete it without a problem. A good rule of thumb to determine if you should delete your content or not is asking if the content adds value. You can also look at your site analytics to determine what has no hits as a possible starting place.

Tips for updating older content

Sometimes, it’s best to let the old go, and hopefully, these tips for updating website content can help you optimize your site and ensure everything is updated. Are there any tips that you use to keep your website updated? Share them below in the comments!

Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash.

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