The warmer summer season is a great time to take off from work and enjoy some time away exploring the great outdoors of a new area. As much fun as it is to enjoy the final destination, traveling can be stressful and depending on your trip could require more minimalism when you pack. Making sure that you’re bringing the right jewelry can be tricky. Here are some of the tricks I follow when I’m packing jewelry for my vacation.

Invest in a good jewelry travel container

Everyone knows that I’m a fan of jewelry workspace organization and this organization translates to my vacations as well. Why? Because nothing is worse than spending your precious vacation time getting the jewelry you packed untangled. Instead of throwing everything in a box, invest in a jewelry travel case that will keep items separate and ensure that everything arrives in the best shape possible.

I have a fabric case that has pockets on the side for jewelry and earrings, and a larger compartment in the middle for larger accent necklaces. I’ve had this container for years but love the style and how compact my jewelry is in it. Plus, the smaller size doesn’t take up too much space in my suitcase.

Pick versatile jewelry

One of the most important ways to stay organized on vacation is to only pack what you need. This is the same with jewelry; always pick jewelry designs that work can with a variety of the clothes that have been packed. To help with this, I always lay out all my outfits and pair my jewelry to go with each outfit. This ensures I’m only packing what I need. Ultimately, you don’t need to bring your entire jewelry box with you, so it’s ok to keep the jewelry you haven’t worn recently at home for this trip.

Pack jewelry for your vacation plans

If you’re traveling for a formal function, it makes sense to pack jewelry to match. But if you’re going somewhere where you plan to be on the beach most of the time, you may not need to pack your most fancy jewelry accessories. Be realistic with what you plan to do on vacation and don’t simply pack something “just because.” This is especially true with your more expensive jewelry accessories. Vacations are about relaxing, so it’s better to leave your fine jewelry at home if it means less stress.

Tips for packing jewelry for your vacation

While vacations are always fun in the end there is always planning and preparation prior to your trip. Use these tips to ensure you’re efficiently packing jewelry for your upcoming vacation. Are there any rules you live by when you pack jewelry for your travels? Share your ideas below in the comments.

Blog post photo by Marissa Grootes on Unsplash.

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