If you’re looking for an easy way to create an online store, Etsy may be your best bet. The platform makes it easy to upload designs and create your own online handmade jewelry shop. But Etsy is a popular platform, and you may find yourself wondering how to make sure your shop stands out. If you’re uninterested in building your own Etsy jewelry shop here are a few different tips to help you do just that.

Invest in your photography

Photos help your buyers see what you’re selling. That’s why ensuring you have great product photography is key. So before you upload the blurry, out of focus image, take a step back and spend the time on the photos so folks know what they’re buying. And if you need a few tips to learn how to take jewelry photos,you won’t regret taking the time to research tips online, or asking a local photographer for some help.

Choose strong keywords

Keywords are the main way that buyers will find your products. That’s likely why having strong keywords is one of the key tips Etsy gives you for being successful on their platform. My friend who owns an online store (hello Beautiful Vibe Crystals) explained that she is often reviewing the keywords she uses to see what is driving traffic to her store. If you’re in a popular craft (like jewelry) this could be the difference between several new buyers and seeing now traffic.

Think like your buyers when you create a title

If you were searching for one of your jewelry designs, what search term would you use to find it? When you create a product title, make sure that you’re considering your buyer. Why? If you create a title that says exactly what they’re searching for, your listing is much more likely to pop up in their search (and be purchased). So, don’t go artistic with your titles. Instead, be clear and make sure you’re naming things the way folks are searching for them.

Etsy Jewelry Shop Success

Hopefully, these three tips help you as you create an Etsy jewelry shop. Are there any tips that you swear by for success? Share them below in the comments!

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