People often laugh at me for being such a cat lady. While many prefer dogs, since I never grew up with them I simply prefer cats. I’m also far too independent for dogs, and a cat is a better fit considering how active I am outside the house. Regardless, this post isn’t about dogs vs. cats.

This post is about how my cat taught me some of the best business tips I’ve applied to my jewelry business. Now before you completely discredit me, hear me out; my cat is persistent, makes a decision, goes for it 100%, and keeps life interesting. And while it could be a bit of a stretch, these same characteristics could be applied to the business world. Here are three of the best business tips I’ve learned from her.

Never take no for an answer

If you’re thinking about starting your own jewelry business, you need to know that you will hear the word no quite a bit either directly, or indirectly. The key is that you’ll have to keep moving forward or finding those who will say yes. Having the drive and persistence is key.

This is best illustrated by my cat’s love of food. If she wants treats, or some shredded cheese when I’m cooking, she won’t give up. She’ll wait persistently; she won’t always get it, but she always tries. This same philosophy (sans cheese) is one you can apply to your jewelry business. If you don’t make it into the craft show the first time, try again. If you aren’t seeing many sales, try a different audience. Always ask, and always keep trying. Even if your strikeout the first time, being persistent can be the ultimate difference.

When you want something, fight for it

Everything worth having is hard-earned. That means that you’ll struggle before you see success. Keep fighting because with enough time and enough changes over time, you can see the success you want.

Now we get to the story that inspired this blog. When my cat’s food runs out (she’s on an automatic feeder and occasionally I forget to check and see if it’s empty), if it’s in the morning when I’m trying to sleep in, she will meow, jump on the bed, and make sure I know she is out of food. Almost always, this happens in the morning, on a weekend, when I don’t have to wake up early. No matter how much I fight her, she won’t give up. No matter what obstacles I put in her way, she ultimately gets what she wants.

What you create isn’t for everyone

Truthfully, I can’t give Sappho full credit for this lesson. It really lies withSeth Godin, who’s a brilliant marketer and entrepreneur. As an aside, if you haven’t read his blog, or listened to his podcast, you should. I can’t recommend it enough.

What you make, what you are selling, or even what you think isn’t for everyone. However, it doesn’t mean it isn’t worth making. It simply means that you need to do a better job finding the people who will like what you’re selling. Consider a craft market. Everyone that I’ve done has had several jewelry vendors. However, every single one of us has a different style and aesthetic, and that’s the important thing. We aren’t truly competing with one another, we are trying to appeal to our own unique segment. That’s the group that matters, and the ones you need to please.

The best business tips I’ve learned from my cat and applied to my jewelry business

Keeping these three lessons in mind as you continue forward with your jewelry business can help you in the long run. Have you learned any important business lessons from unlikely sources? Share them below in the comments!

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