Like most, I have favorite vendors for my jewelry making endeavors. In the past, I’ve shared my favorite vendors for jewelry making for my bead-based designs. However, I also make metal jewelry, and for this side of the business, I also have a whole different list of vendors I turn to. Here are three go-to vendors for my metalsmithing supplies.

Village Silversmith

I heard about Village Silversmith from a coworker who knows the owner, John, well. After an epic fall in Tucson in 2013, she will forever stop by to see him. It was with her that I first encountered Village Silversmith and the amazing gemstone options this store has.

Since seeing their high-quality selection for the first time, I’ve been hooked and try to see them either at the Tucson Shows, or when they come to Denver in the Fall. I love seeing the stones they have and imagining the beautiful metalsmith creations I’ll make with them. Plus, I love vendors who don’t keep me wondering if the quality is good; their quality is exceptional.

Rio Grande

Every jewelry designer relies on Rio Grande as a key vendor, and I’m no exception. They’re a go-to for supplies ranging from jewelry tools to silver sheet. And because they’re so well known, they’re definitely one of the places that I go to get supplies for my metalsmith designs.

Stone Stop Jewelry Supply

I’ve known Courtney, the owner of Stone Stop, for years even before she started her own business. Her store is one of my first steps for supplies because she has awesome items and great recommendations. I honestly never know what I’ll come back with. Most recently, I ended up getting my own metalsmith benche from her.

Favorite metalsmith vendors for jewelry making

Do you have favorite metalsmith vendors that you’d want to share? Leave your recommendations below in the comments!

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