Creating your own website is a grueling task that involves the proper planning, design work, and time. If you’re a physical store that sells a large amount of inventory, or a jewelry designer with a large number of lines and items, this decision can be even more critical for you; you’ll want to be sure that you’re selecting the best online store platform to create the best jewelry website online.

While a variety of platforms will offer plugins that will allow you to sell your products online, if your final goal is to sell a large number of items and ultimately grow your online business to match (or even surpass) your in-person sales, choosing a platform that specializes in eCommerce is the smart decision. With this in mind, here are three of the best online store platforms you can use to power your eCommerce store.


Volusionis a great eCommerce option if you are looking for a tool that has the drag and drop design capability while being a powerful eCommerce platform. This being said, be careful when choosing your template on Volusion; only a handful are mobile-responsive. While there may be some SEO features, there is no blogging capability with Volusion, which is a huge missed opportunity for any company who wants to generate additional views through content marketing.


  • The site offers a variety of great reports and features including abandoned cart reports, newsletter options, integration with Ebay and Amazon, and more.
  • I’ve heard it described as extremely easy to use which is good if you’re new to websites.
  • There are powerful SEO capabilities here which is great for search rankings.
  • No transaction fees.


  • The price tag here may be steep when using Volusion depending on the number of listings you have.
  • You will have to pay for your own SSL certificate and this can be pricy.
  • No blogging function is available.
  • Volusion will limit your bandwidth; it’s unclear by how much.

Find out if Volusion is the right website builder for your jewelry website.


If you’re looking for more robust eCommerce functionality, Shopify is a great option to host your website. Shopify is deemed one of the easiest platforms to create an eCommerce store online, and by working with other vendors it has a robust number of app integrations that you can add to your online store. Be ready to spend some time learning about the full system, but once you do you’ll have a powerful website at your hands.

There is mobile cart functionality available through Shopify, and they take care of the hosting within the monthly cost. Shopify also has abandon cart technology, which allows you to help your customers recover their abandoned carts, which could help improve your sales.


  • Lots of theme options, and many are mobile friendly.
  • App integrations that can help extend the functionality and impact of your website.
  • Shopify has a Point of Sale (POS) functionality, allowing you to integrate both systems through Shopify.


  • Transaction fee with every sale (unless you use Shopify payment).
  • While you have a variety of app options, not all of them are free which can add up quickly.
  • For anyone with coding knowledge it’s not as easy as understanding HTML and CSS to make changes; shopify uses “Liquid” language which can make the whole process a bit more difficult.

Read more about how Shopify can help build your jewelry eCommerce store.


Planning to sell products on your website? Want to create a powerful website to support that? BigCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms and is certainly worth a look. It supports a wide range of industries, so it’s ideal for jewelry designers, bead store owners, and anyone inbetween.

This website builder is very robust. BigCommerce platform offers you mobile features to help any buyers who may be on the go, and the integration with social sites is huge. The apps can also help reduce your workload by allowing you to automate processes which can help you scale your business.


  • Provides a comprehensive list of eCommerce tools that will help free up your time and automate work.
  • Helps you grow your sales by leveraging social channels.
  • Ability to add more functionality through their app store.
  • Unlimited product options and the ability to sell digital items.


  • Limited free templates may add to your overall cost.
  • This does not have drag-and-drop design capability so you will need to invest time in learning code to design your website.

Read the full review about using BigCommerce to design your jewelry website.

In no way is this a comprehensive list, but these three websites are some of the best online store platforms to use for creating an effective eCommerce website. What others have you heard of? Be sure to share in the comments!

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