I started the Sirens Call jewelry collection back in July and before I tell you how the whole collection came together, I first have to explain where the inspiration came from. Because for this collection, it wasn’t entirely from my brain, but rather, my friend Kolleen played the part of the muse.

In July, I showed Kolleen the very beginnings of this collection. When I started, I had it in my mind that the collection would include only pearls. And that’s when Kolleen asked me “What if you did something with the ocean and incorporated that into the collection?”

This suggestion resonated with me and everything clicked. I completely gave in to that idea, pulling shells, blue gemstones, investing in shell charms, and going all-in on this idea. I’m so glad I did. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that for a long time this collection had no name. The collection name, the Siren’s Call jewelry collection, also came from Kolleen, who texted it to me after I posted about my “no-name collection” there.

During the summer, I find that water calls to me. In a way, I think many hear the call of water during the summer. The cool deep depths are great ways to spend the hot afternoons, especially hot afternoons I spend in the sun at jewelry shows.

I think this is why water has played a part in my second summer jewelry collection release. Last year, my Tranquil Waters summer jewelry collection pulled a bit from the same inspiration. If I’m being honest, I’m more pleased with this body of work, allowing myself the time and materials to fully design with it. I love the mix of pearls, gemstones, and blue beads together. I hope it speaks to you the same way it does to me.

As always, shop the full jewelry collection in my Etsy Store with the exception of my Sea Foam Druzy Ring. This is available exclusively at my in-person shows, and by inquiry through email or message.

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