I’m a planner through and through, and this is especially true with my jewelry designs. I’ve found that it’s easiest to create cohesive collections if I plan them out by the season. This year I’ve added additional time for creating metalsmithing items to several collection releases.

One of the benefits of additional time at home is my ability to spend more time making metal jewelry. And the May Flowers Spring jewelry collection was the time to let my metal creativity shine. This collection also had the benefit of a trip to Tucson earlier this year. While I was there I was able to source materials that felt appropriate for the collection.

It was at Tucson that I found ruby fuchsite, a stone that includes greens, and red ruby. This gemstone offers positive energy to the wearer. Ruby offers strength and courage, while fuchsite offers relaxing and nourishing vibes. But it wasn’t for the healing properties that I picked this stone. Rather, it was the unique patters within the stones that drew me in, the ruby seeming to take on a flower shape, with the greens appearing to emulate a garden in spring.

For this collection, I started by pulling the gemstones and sketching my ideas out in my sketchbook. This practice is one I hope to do more as I continue creating my collections; it allows me to try new things, challenges my creativity, and even helps me imagine new things to attempt to craft from metal.

For this collection, I included a floral cut-out to the back of the larger stone pendant. This is probably one of my favorite inclusions because it shows off a bit of the stone (which is just as lovely as the front in my opinion), it ties in the flower theme, and it gives the wearer a secret that only they know.

While I sketched two pendants, two rings, and one pair of earrings. However, one of my earrings and one of the rings didn’t quite make it. Hopefully, once I make some soldering tweaks these will also be completed and released.

I’m immensely proud of this collection and the metal items I released as part of it. As I craft more and more, it helps me try new things and grow my craft. I can’t wait to sketch out for my next collection.

Have you checked out the full May Flowers Spring collection yet? You can shop the collection in my Etsy Shop, and if you’re interested in any of the metal items you can contact me (ashley at fifth essence jewelry dot com) to learn more about pricing.

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