You’ve written the perfect email, made sure to optimize your images, and spent time ensuring each word was perfect. Then, you check your sent email on your phone and realize that it’s really difficult to read your content.

Making sure that your audience can easily read your email is almost as important as your email marketing strategy and what you write in your email. You want to make sure that it’s not only clear, but it’s also large enough. So what are some of the best font rules for email readability?

The best font size

At the minimum, make sure that your font size is 14px. If you want to really boost the email readability without worrying about your audience needing to zoom, use 16px. Why? Because of the mobile device. A majority of your readers will open and read your email on their phones, so make sure that they aren’t squinting or straining to read your content.

To serif, or to sans-serif?

Serif fonts have strokes at the end of the main strokes of a letter. Think of them as an added flair for your fonts. Sans-serif fonts do not have these additional strokes.

When you post content online, sans-serif is more legible and easier to read. Research has shown that Time New Roman and Arial fonts can be read the fastest and that Arial is the most legible. Sticking with the serif fonts will help increase legibility and readability by your audience.

Other helpful tips for email readability

Here are a few other tips to help your subscribers easily read your emails:

  • Your header text should be between 22-28px in size
  • Avoid using italics since they don’t properly load and are more difficult to ready
  • Stick with blue for links; they’re recognizable to your audience
  • Choose a black type for your primary font color since it’s the easiest to read on a white background

A comprehensive list of the best font rules for your emails

Use these best font rules to increase the readability of your emails and eliminate any frustration your subscribers may have. Are there any font rules that you follow in your campaigns? Share them below in the comments!

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