Tassels are some of the perfect accents to a jewelry design and they’re one of my favorite jewelry trends to incorporate in my designs. They add length to a necklace, make for fun earrings, and can even add a unique element to any bracelet.

Even something as simple as a tassel can be complex. Let’s explore some of the ins and outs of tassels for jewelry making.

How to make a tassel

If you want to make your own tassel at home, it’s not hard to do. You’ll want to choose your material of choice and use wire to tie it all together. If you’re using a bead cap at the end, create a wire-wrapped loop securing the tassel elements. If you’re using leather of fabric, consider wrapping your material around an o-ring or a piece of chain for a more organic look. To create the tassel simply secure it with wire about an eighth of an inch from the top.

Add flair with fabric

I know that I often say fabric adds color to your jewelry designs, but it’s because it’s true. If you want to create something that has a pop of color, adding fabric is a great way to do it. Tassels can be the perfect way to incorporate that color in a fun way.

Another nice benefit of fabric is creating a tassel with different shapes. Jesse James Beads has some great tassels that are petal shaped, giving the allusion of delicate flowers. These different shapes can be just the right pairing for your design.

Leather adds a natural look

Leather is one of my go tos for tassels. The natural material evokes fall for me and has a great boho vibe. I also love how versatile leather tassels are; it effortlessly works well with metals, beads, and gemstones.

Chain, with or without bead accents

Chain is another great material for tassels. You can keep it simple with a single chain type, or mix in a few different styles of chain for a nice dynamic necklace that has a lot of texture.

If you want to make your tassel even more visually interesting, add beads to the ends for extra length, a pop of color, or added drama.

Stylish tassels for jewelry making

Now that you know how to make your own tassels at home and what the different materials bring to the design table, start mixing elements together to create your own unique tassels!

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