On occasion I enjoy listening to podcasts, both to provide me with relevant marketing information and to break up the usual music that I listen to during the day. During one such time, I heard an important tip: consistency is key. This is true for everything from posting on your blog, or posting online to your social media channels. While it may be easier for jewelry artists to take photos of their workbench and tweet those, or post them to Instagram, it’s also important to post back to your website occasionally. However, I’ve found this takes much more time and […]

Brainstorming holiday campaign ideas for your small jewelry business can seem difficult, but one of the easiest ways to find inspiration is to look for it. And there is no better place to look during the holidays than some larger recognizable jewelry brands. Here are three holiday campaign ideas you can pull inspiration from and modify for your small jewelry business. Swarovski Swarovski did a great job seamlessly including their holiday hashtag right on the homepage, and what’s truly brilliant about the campaign is the fact that it is so clear to the customer. Further, when the customer clicks on […]

The holidays are an important time for any small business, and jewelry businesses are no exception to the rule. During the holidays your customers are often searching online for jewelry gift ideas. Make sure that you’re planning accordingly to make sure that you’re maximizing your online sales. Here are five tips to make sure your online handmade jewelry store ready for the holidays. Shipping Sometimes shipping is an added expense that can tip your buyer’s purchase decision. Offering free shipping is one way you can help tip their decision to buy from you. Offer a Sale During December there are countless […]

If you make jewelry, craft shows are a great way to attract new customers and encourage sales. One of the most important parts of a craft show is to ensure that you’re correctly displaying your jewelry. When I signed up for my first craft show in 2016, I spent several weeks brainstorming what I wanted my jewelry display to look like and the overall impression I wanted to make. If you’re looking for jewelry display ideas for craft shows, here are some important considerations. Consider Your Jewelry Design Aesthetic My jewelry is more modern with lots of sparkle and pizzazz. […]

Today, jewelry designers and most crafters are experiencing more visibility than ever before. This means that more individuals than ever are selling their own handmade accessories online. What sets each person apart is their individual aesthetic and the style of jewelry that they design. How I approach jewelry design, and the necklace I ultimately make won’t necessarily work for every person. This means that it’s important to know who you are serving when you design your jewelry. The jewelry that I create will appeal to a different crowd than those who do intricate wirework. At the end of the day, […]

One of the backbone strategies to help your content be seen on social media is a hashtag strategy. Hashtags are used to group content together on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google +, and Pinterest. The optimal number of hashtags changes depending on the platform you decide to use. Smart marketers use hashtags during their holiday campaigns to maximize their exposure. With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s important to have a strategy in place. If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of holiday hashtags for jewelry makers, here are some common holiday hashtags you may want to layer into […]

Taking photos can be one of the most daunting parts of selling your jewelry online especially if you’re not sure how to take photos of jewelry to display the important details. Ensuring that you’re correctly capturing the details of your handmade jewelry can take hours if you’re not properly trained. While I am no master, I have several friends who are trained photographers. My friend Liz Banman not only took all the photography for my website, but she also gave me these five helpful tips how to take jewelry photos. Use them to capture your own professional jewelry photos. 1: […]

The holiday season is one that is a busy time of year, and those of us who own a jewelry business is no exception! This is the time of year where we need to play a very important balancing act; that of the marketer and that of the maker. While I have no doubt that we all have our own unique design style, I do think that holiday marketing tips are valuable, so today I’m going to focus on a few things you can do as a jewelry business owner to plan ahead to make the season more Merry and […]

Like many artisans, I have an Etsy store that hosts all my final jewelry designs for anyone who is interested in purchasing. While I may understand how to set up online store platforms, I already have trouble maintaining an Etsy store, managing listings is daunting. Maintaining listings seemed to be involved: my old process included taking photos in a lightbox, uploading photos to my computer, adding a watermark and cropping images, then adding all the necessary information to Etsy. The process took hours away from what I truly enjoyed doing: making jewelry. For this reason, I rarely took the time […]

HTML coding basics are helpful to know if you have a jewelry business website. HTML is the building blocks of your website; think of it as the blueprint for your websites that browsers read to display on your computer. Sometimes though, when you’re working on a blog post, or pasting in other elements, things just don’t display correctly. In this instance, knowing HTML coding basics can help you troubleshoot what’s wrong. After working in email and websites for the last five years, I’ve learned some important HTML basics you can use to modify basic text elements that I want to […]