HTML coding basics are helpful to know if you have a jewelry business website. HTML is the building blocks of your website; think of it as the blueprint for your websites that browsers read to display on your computer. Sometimes though, when you’re working on a blog post, or pasting in other elements, things just don’t display correctly. In this instance, knowing HTML coding basics can help you troubleshoot what’s wrong. After working in email and websites for the last five years, I’ve learned some important HTML basics you can use to modify basic text elements that I want to […]

Have you ever clicked through an article on Facebook or an email newsletter and looked at the URL? If you have you may have noticed that the URL looks especially long, even going beyond what you can view in the address bar. This is because someone applied a UTM tracking code.

When the iPhone was introduced in 2007, the way that consumers searched for information changed dramatically. Mobile search has made many in the digital marketing and search engine optimization world rethink how they do things from incorporating search terms, listing information on websites, and even considering mobile when designing a website. Are you looking for tips on how to make a website mobile friendly? Here are 4 things to implement on your website to ensure it is optimized for mobile. mobile optimization. #1: Mobile Responsive Website Is your website mobile friendly? Please know that viewing your website as it appears […]

Mobile traffic has taken the world by storm, especially for search engines. In today’s world, users demand fast websites that answer their top questions. For these reasons, AMP was created. But what is accelerated mobile pages (AMP) exactly? Accelerated mobile pages, or AMP pages, are one of the best ways to ensure speed for anyone visiting your website on a mobile device. Whether you have a large eCommerce store online or are simply trying to promote your jewelry designs, you want to be sure that customers can find the information they want on your website quickly, no matter the device. […]

Creating your own website is a grueling task that involves the proper planning, design work, and time. If you’re a physical store that sells a large amount of inventory, or a jewelry designer with a large number of lines and items, this decision can be even more critical for you; you’ll want to be sure that you’re selecting the best online store platform to create the best jewelry website online. While a variety of platforms will offer plugins that will allow you to sell your products online, if your final goal is to sell a large number of items and […]

The idea of building your jewelry website from scratch can be extremely daunting. In these cases, many will envision hours of researching code and manually coding and styling a website. Fortunately, this isn’t the case anymore. Many sites will come with templates, many which are free, that you can download to get started.

One day on my drive into work I happened upon an episode of Inbound Marketing Today. This is a podcast that takes different aspects of inbound marketing and into actionable pieces. This particular episode was called 10 Key Questions to Ask When Designing a Website, and it got me thinking about how these same questions can apply to building a jewelry website.