As I was starting my summer jewelry collection, I started by visualizing a memory that I have from about 15 years ago involving one of my best friends and a sunset. Summer means something different to everyone. To me, there is something magical about the long days filled with light. And nothing is quite as beautiful as a summer sunset. The pinks, yellows, reds, and oranges that mix with the deep blues create a magical sight to the viewer.

Because summer sunsets stick out so much in my mind, I set out to craft a collection that incorporated these warmer hues into jewelry designs ideal for summer. To me, this means longer items that would work well layered with other items, or alone. It means creating something that goes well at the office but also with your favorite sundress. It means creating something that will go well on a patio with a beer, or out to dinner with friends.

I loved the colors I gravitated towards with this collection, colors I normally stay away from. Reds, yellows, golds, and pinks were my colors of choice with this collection and I loved being able to pick up from my work with the Pretty in Pink jewelry collection earlier this year and further explore the hue. By breaking out of my comfort zone I was able to incorporate some gemstones I’ve been holding on to, gemstones that were waiting for my inspiration.

As always, I had so much fun creating this collection. I hope that you can see yourself wearing these items with friends this summer season. 

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