When I think of the summer season, I often think of the striking sunsets. There’s something about a sunset during the warmer months that is more vibrant, filled with a variety of pinks, oranges, yellows, and blues. Pair these striking colors with the mountains of Colorado and it’s not difficult to see why I enjoy the summer sunsets so much.

I originally drew from this inspiration in 2019 with my first iteration of the Summer Sunsets jewelry collection. Since it’s been a few years, I felt drawn to revisit this theme again. With this iteration, I grabbed pinks to match with gold accents. I used morganite in blue and yellow hues, which seemed to reflect the color spectrum of a sunset. And I even used deep red-purple garnets with bronze filigree elements. In total, I created six different designs that fit the sunset theme.

While not a large body of work, I’m proud of the designs that I created and how they perfectly fit into a season filled with time outside and warmer temperatures. Like all of the jewelry designs I’ve created in the past, these accessories are intended to work well in a professional office setting, as well as a more casual friendly environment.

As always, find the full collection in my Etsy Shop and snag your favorite items before they’re gone.

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