Summer evokes warmth, vibrant colors, days spent outdoors, and light clothes. This means during the summer, I try to follow certain summer jewelry design trends. I also incorporate summer-season stones that match perfectly. 

Here are a few stones I’ve been gravitating towards in my designs for the warmer months:


Citrine has a rich golden hue and a beautiful crack that gives it dimension and catches the light beautifully. I love the warmth this stone evokes and matching it with leather creates a versatile design.


I love working with amazonite, and the summer months give me the perfect excuse to reach for this gemstone. The light hues of blue paired with browns, tans, and yellows make this a favorite seasonal stone for me.


A few years ago I found some pale pink druzy stones that I knew I wanted to invest in. The sparkle and shine coupled with the golden-pink hue were intoxicating. But for many months, they waited for my inspiration. These stones are ideal as focal pendants and pair well with crystals to create a beautiful accent necklace.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz has a pale pink color, perfect for spring and summer. I love how versatile the gemstone is, working with gold and silver metals.

Summer season stones to inspire any jewelry designer

The warmer hues have been inspiring for the summer season, and I’m glad to have a variety of different gemstones to choose from. Which stones are you using in your designs this summer season? Share them below in the comments!

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