Each new season brings an opportunity for new trends that can inspire artists and jewelry designers. While I have written about summer jewelry design trends in the past, I wanted to revisit this topic and evaluate the top summer jewelry trends for 2021.

Bold colors

Summer almost begs for the use of bold colors. From gemstones to big beads, the more vibrant the color the better. Raspberry Sorbet, Amethyst Orchid, and French Blue are three 2021 Spring Pantone colors that fit the bold color trend and fit in perfectly for the 2021 season.


Charms are so versatile. They can display your interests or add a fun playfulness to any look. But where they shine, is their ability to be layered with other items for a playful look.


Pearls are organic, silky, and work so well with a variety of metal types. Maybe this is why pearls match so well with the summer season.

Chunky chains

Bold chunky chains bring volume to any look. Such a bold look is ideal for the summer season.

Summer jewelry trends for 2021

What summer jewelry trends are you most excited to incorporate in your seasonal designs? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Blog photo by Patrick Schiele on Unsplash

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