Like all seasons, summer holds many inspiring sights and sounds for artists. As I enjoy the longer days of summer, I can’t help but find inspiration around me. Here are a few things that inspire my jewelry designs during the summer season.


It shouldn’t be a shock that summer sunsets are an inspiring sight for me. In 2019, I dedicated an entire jewelry collection to the beautiful summer sunsets I see every night in Colorado. There’s something about the reds, pinks, and golds of a summer sunset that I find beautiful and inspiring. I love emulating these hues in the jewelry designs I create in summer.


It would seem that I find water inspiring no matter the season. The summer is no exception; from my morning runs along the river that flows through town to large lakes for lazy weekend afternoons, water is incredibly inspiring and I especially feel the pull of the water in the summer. No wonder I’ve created two collections that are aquatic inspired the last two summer seasons, my Sirens Call collection in 2020 and the Tranquil Waters collection in 2019.


The “golden hour” as I’ve dubbed it, that time after the sunset before it gets truly dark. This time captures my imagination in ways other summer sights don’t. I can imagine gatherings around a fire pit, watching the stars shine brightly in the sky, enjoying drinks on a patio with friends. Purple, deep blue, gold, and yellow hues fill my imagination and weave together to create beautiful jewelry designs.

Summer jewelry inspiration

What inspires you most about the summer season? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Unsplash

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