Summer has arrived and with it come changing wardrobes and different accessories to match. If you’re looking for some ways to make sure your jewelry is summer worthy, keep these summer jewelry design trends in mind.


During the summer I tend to gravitate towards bright colors, both with what I design and wear. Something about the vibrant colors I see around me on a hiking trail and in my neighborhood make me want to wear those in my everyday life and give me the jewelry making inspiration I need to create vibrant accessories.

Incorporating these hues into my jewelry during this season helps me tap into the season and the slower pace of summer.


During the hot days, dresses are my go-to clothing choice. In many cases, the accessories that go best are longer necklaces or longer accent earrings for when I wear my hair up. Challenge yourself to design longer pieces by adding extra chain to a necklace, or adding an extender to make the design applicable year round.


The slow pace of the summer makes many choose more bohemian style looks for the longer days. If you want to match this in your design, gravitate towards a mix of metal, leather, ribbon, and even other mixed-material looks. Adding several to a single design can create texture and vibrancy, or sticking with just a few can create a truly stunning accent.

Create stunning summer ready jewelry

If you are trying to create the perfect jewelry for the summer season, following just a few of these tips can help you make show-stopping jewelry that fits the season.

What are your favorite techniques for creating summer jewelry? Share them below!

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