The holiday season is one of the most important times for any business, but this is especially true for small business owners. In most cases, small businesses will invest more money into extra supplies purchased, more pieces made, and additional shows scheduled to help make the season as successful as it can be. With so much riding on a successful few months, here are four successful holiday marketing campaigns you can implement to make the season even more lucrative for your business.

Offer Free Shipping

While nothing is ever free, offering free shipping to your buyers is a nice small incentive to buy. This is why this is one of the most successful holiday marketing campaigns for the season. Offering free shipping not only cuts additional costs to your online shoppers, but it can be the incentive they need to purchase from you. If you’re concerned about the ultimate cost of shipping, offer a threshold for free shipping to your customers. Setting a threshold amount is still an incentive for your customers and can help upsell them on more items purchased. Another tactic to minimize overhead costs is to offer for a limited time only.

Gift Recommendations

Finding the right gift isn’t always easy. In most cases, people are looking for a quality item that has a story behind it. As the artist, you have this advantage because you know exactly what materials were used, can list gemstone facts, can specify the techniques you used, and ultimately, the story behind the item. Share this knowledge to help generate sales! Suggesting items that are top sellers or that would make good gifts are one way to generate interest and draw buyers to your items. You can also call attention to techniques that are in fashion for the season, or recommend items to different buyers.

Gift wrapping

Part of giving gifts is to wrap it. Offering jewelry packaging that is festive, or even offering to gift wrap your items, is one way to show that your business is thoughtful and going the extra mile. Not everyone is good at wrapping gifts, and reducing some of the stress for buyers and removing a step during the busy season is another positive reason to buy from you and that will set you apart from your competitors.

Sending holiday cards to customers

Holiday cards spread cheer and positivity and connect friends and families together during the season. Think of all the thoughtful notes you receive, and the smiles they generate. Using holiday cards to spread information about your business, share successes, and thank your buyers is truly a successful way to connect with them and to use direct mail marketing effectively.

Successful holiday marketing campaigns and tactics

Using these successful holiday marketing campaigns and tactics can help add revenue to your other efforts this holiday season. What other campaigns have you used successfully during this season? Do you have other tactics worth sharing? Comment with these tips below so we can all benefit!

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