Late in 2021, the James Webb Telescope was launched into space after years of engineering and buildout. And in July of 2022, the first images captured by the telescope were released to the public. These images show in detail, areas of our solar system that had previously been unseen by the human eye. While not a huge space person, the images excited me and displayed true beauty in the sights they depicted, and the swirling colors captured.

Unrelated to the James Webb Telescope, I received some lunar findings in a kit late last year. In the middle of crafting my Summer Sunsets Volume II Collection, I found myself reaching for these components and cooler-hued gemstones like dumortierite and iolite that felt spacier. What resulted was a fun collection of jewelry born from those images and translated into wearable jewelry designs.

The Starry Night Jewelry Collection wasn’t planned, but rather, a result of giving into my creativity and inspiration. This collection is earring-heavy, featuring fun designs for every outfit and with fun components. Whether you follow every bit of NASA and space news in your spare time or are simply inspired by the majesty of our solar system, these jewelry designs offer a fun ode to space exploration and the beauty to be found in our galaxy (and beyond).

As always, these designs can be found in my online shop. Be sure to snag your favorite design before they’re gone. These designs were crafted to be one-of-a-kind and likely won’t be recreated in the future. Shop now!

I’d love to hear your thoughts about the new collection. Share more about your favorite design or ask any questions you may have below in the comments.

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