In my opinion, spring blooms with inspiration. The colors, the flowers, the warmer temperatures; all these elements combine into a season filled with endless jewelry-making possibilities. Here are three springtime jewelry design inspirations I use for my jewelry designs.

Spring Flowers

Flowers, in all their blooming glory, are the most inspiring part of spring. The vibrant colors, the unique shapes, the texture; all these things combine into glorious sights that can feed your inspiration.I used this inspiration again this year to fuel my May Flowers Volume II spring jewelry collection. To date, it’s one of my most favorite collections.


Color is one of the key visual elements and often, one of the first things people see in a jewelry design. The spring season offers changing color palettes, and the 2021 Spring Pantone colors are one place to look for new inspiration.


In my home state of Colorado, spring brings fast overflowing rivers, lush lakes, and lovely areas filled to the brim with water. And those sights are inspiring in their own right. Just think of the way light moves on water, shimmering and sparkling; that is inspiring.

Springtime jewelry making inspiration

Spring is a season of inspiration. What springtime jewelry-making inspiration do you use for your designs? Share them below in your comments.

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