When you live at 5,280 feet, winters stretch a bit longer than they may in other areas. The nice thing about early spring in Colorado is that the weather will alternate between sunny and warm one hour, with a snowstorm the next hour. Any early flower blooms need to be prepared to be covered in snow at any minute.

When I was considering an early spring release I wasn’t quite ready to give up on winter. In fact, the spring snows are some of my favorite; I simply love how they cover the flowers, that the snowflakes are the size of cotton balls, and that they seem to spring out of nowhere.

Truthfully, I thought I’d be more inspired by the theme than I was. In all honesty, I added a few unique pieces based on the theme, but I ultimately finished some of the items that I wasn’t able to create in time for my Sparkling Snow jewelry collection release. I also grabbed a few items that I have created in the past but felt like they should be included in this jewelry collection. It turns out that as much as I love snow, I was ready to usher in the warmer colors of spring.

I hope you’re inspired by this collection and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Shop the Spring Snow jewelry collection now!

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