Spring is the season of rebirth. After months of winter and hibernation, this is the season where the weather warms, plants come alive, and color begins to bloom. With a new season, comes the chance to work with seasonally appropriate colors.

As I begin to plan ahead for my spring collection release, I’m looking at the
Spring Pantone colors for inspiration. Here are a few of the hues that capture my interest and are making me excited for the season ahead.

Gossamer Pink

This elegant light-pink hue has me envisioning blooming trees, peony flowers, and all the best pink flowers of spring. That is why this color is listed first, it may be my favorite of the bunch and why it’s at the top of this list. As I imagine creating jewelry in this delightful pink hue, I plan to use rose quartz, coral, or pink agate gemstones.

Spun Sugar

Light blue is such a fun springtime color. I so love using this cooler hue to balance the pinks that I’m drawn to designing with. Spun Sugar is just the right pale blue hue to capture that springtime look. I foresee incorporating this color into my designs with amazonite and aquamarine gemstones.

Harbor Blue

Harbor blue reminds me of a striking turquoise blue color, one that is a go-to for me in the fall season as a fun colorful pop. Maybe this is why this color stood out to me; I foresee it being an easy color to design with, adding a vibrant pop of color to the more subtle hues of the season.

Innuendo & Dahlia

Both Innuendo and Dahlia are bolder hues that aren’t just great for spring, but also into the warmer summer months. I’m envisioning these being a fun color pop for the more subtle spring hues for a potpourri of fun floral hues. But paired with gold metals, these two colors are a vibrant pairing for the warmer summer afternoons. I may have to experiment with Innuendo and Dahlia beyond my spring collection release.

2022 Spring Pantone colors that inspire me

I’m so excited to begin creating springtime jewelry using the 2022 Spring Pantone colors as my hue inspiration. For those who have visited my blog before, you’re no stranger to the Spring Pantone inspiration. Read about the past year’s inspiration from 2019, 2020, and 2021.

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