Every spring in early May, Colorado comes alive. The grass gets green, the trees bloom leaves and flowers, and flowers begin to spring up; the colors are so vibrant, and plentiful. The first year I noticed how inspiring the spring season can be in its various colors was back in 2019, when I visited a garden dedicated to my late friend. It was in this botanic park that I truly saw florals as inspiration and knew that I wanted to pull from this for my spring jewelry collection.

Revisiting the May Flowers collection every year allows me to explore a singular inspiration differently each year. I find that I grab different gemstones and different elements, and each year, incorporate them in new and exciting ways. Sometimes, I revisit past inspiration and put a new spin on an old design. Sometimes, I create something completely new, but I’ve come to love this annual collection that is always bursting with color.

This is why I’m so excited to unveil my spring jewelry collection the May Flowers Volume IV collection. This year I leaned more towards pinks and yellows with my designs. I incorporated yellow agate, coral, morganite, and pink agate with silvers, golds, charms, and crystals. I created several necklaces and several fun earrings that include charms with natural elements found in spring, like feathers, leaves, and flowers.

I’m extremely happy about how the fourth iteration of this spring jewelry collection turned out. Find your favorite design online at my Etsy Shop and explore additional designs from my previously released spring jewelry collection releases.

Take a trip down memory lane with me by viewing my past May Flower jewelry collection releases from 2020, 2021, and 2022.

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