Ever year, my winter jewelry collection is one of my favorites to create. When it snows outside, the world goes quiet. People huddle inside, afraid of the cold, and beautiful flakes pile atop one another to create a blanket that covers the landscape. After the storm, while many may stay inside, I tend to journey outside to view the snow-covered landscape.

Winter is often underappreciated, but what I find after these snowstorms is a beautiful landscape of white with stark contrasts. The evergreens look greener, red berries are frozen and stick out on bushes and trees, and when the sun peeks out (as it often does in Colorado) the freshly fallen snow shimmers with a brilliance you need to see to believe.

The Sparkling Snow Volume II winter jewelry collection is an ode to my love of winter and the snow. Unlike many, I feel alive during the winter and operate better in the cold. And I truly appreciate the showy landscape, especially while I’m out and about when many wouldn’t dare to leave their homes. This isn’t my first iteration of this theme; I released the Sparkling Snow jewelry collection in March 2019 but wanted to revisit this collection this year.

This winter jewelry collection is filled with white gemstones like dendritic opal, druzy, and cracked quartz. These gemstones evoke the winter feeling, many featuring cracks that emulate icy lake landscapes and greys and whites you would find in the winter landscape. The druzy stones I use happen to have a light coating that catches the sun in a similar way as the freshly fallen snowflakes do. I also incorporate a lot of handmade pendants that feature crystals that shimmer and shine in an elegant way when hit by the sunlight.

I couple these winter white hues with silvers for a monochromatic look that can pair well with other winter hues; evergreen, deep navy blue, black, and deep reds. As always, these accessories are designed for the professional lady looking for a classy design that works well in the professional office atmosphere. Any of these necklaces or earrings would work perfectly for day wear. However, like all my other designs, you can dress them down for your weekend too.

As always, shop my winter jewelry collection in my online Etsy Shop. Snag your favorites before they’re gone; as with many of my designs these are one of a kind and when they’ve sold, they’ll be gone.

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