There’s something magical about the world when it snows.

For me, winter is one of my favorite seasons. I love the crisp air, the cold nights, the calm that comes with freshly fallen snow. I’m fortunate to live in Colorado where event the largest storm is quickly followed by sunlight, and when the sun hits snow it creates a beautiful sparkle.

It is on those mornings when the trees are frozen, the freshly fallen snow sits undisturbed, and the sky is blue that if you can stand to be outside just a bit longer you’ll see it; what appears to be glitter, but is instead the blowing snow catching the light.

For the Sparkling Snow jewelry collection release, I wanted to honor not only this beauty but the whole winter season. I pulled a bit from the winter landscape for my Into the Woods Jewelry line release, but for this collection, I wanted to find the beauty in the cold and translate it into wearable jewelry designs. Not everyone loves winter in the same way I do; I hope this collection makes you rethink the winter just a bit. 

For this collection, I incorporated crystals, druzy gemstones, white and grey glass beads, and silver accents for a monochromatic look. Dendritic Opal is one gemstone that I knew would work perfectly for this line and so I used metalsmith techniques to craft a pendant that incorporates this perfect stone and sterling silver together into a design that evokes winter.

I was truly inspired for this collection; this is the largest collection I’ve released so far with a wide range of different pieces including rings, earrings, pendants, and necklaces. Of course, like every collection, I’m sure I could have created more if I had more time, but I’m proud of each piece I’m releasing.

Shop the Sparkling Snow jewelry collection today!

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