For any small business, the holiday season is especially important. During this busiest time of the year, it’s more important than ever to reach your core group of fans and potential buyers. But how can you make sure to reach them? Here are four different holiday season tips that you can use to make your season even more successful.

Advertise in Advance

Advertising is a great holiday marketing strategy. Etsy, Facebook, or Instagram, no matter what platform you pick you’ll see better success by putting a few dollars behind a post. The two easiest ways to create an effective ad are to either boost a post that’s performing well. Or create an offer and promote it. Make sure that you run your ad for at least a week to ensure as many people from your audience see it as possible. Either way, this tactic can help encourage more people to but from your small business during the holiday season.

Don’t forget events

Events are a prime way to reach new buyers during the holiday season. In many cases, events are great places to find gifts that are unique and handmade so buyers flock there looking for the perfect gift for everyone on their list. For this reason, plan your holiday schedule in advance to maximize as many posts as possible. Start planning early since most shows require that you fill out your forms in the summer season. Planning your events early can ensure you are in as many as possible, maximizing your sales for the season.

Plan your offers

Similar to planning your events, planning your individual sales and offers is best done early. Consider when you want to begin your season and what offers you want to extend. Then, map them out including the full amount of time you’d like them to run and the promotion strategy for each offer. Doing the work ahead of time will ensure you have time to fully execute your offer, and promote it effectively across your marketing channels.

Start planning your jewelry

Starting to plan your jewelry collections and stocking up on best-selling items early is one key way to make sure that you’re ready for the holidays. Consider all the special supplies you will need to order so you’ll have everything on hand and you aren’t waiting on anything last minute. Stocking up will help ensure that you’re as prepared as possible for the orders to come.

Holiday season tips for a successful season

There are a variety of things you can pre-plan to make sure that your small business holiday season is as successful as it can be. What tips for success do you use to make the season more successful? Share below in the comments!

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