Last year I had an idea to use beer bottle caps and cans to create beer bracelets that featured popular logos in them. The caps and cans were covered by resin to create a durable accessory that can be worn anywhere.

After thinking on the idea for a year and working to source the materials, I’m really excited to announce that I am partnering with Grimm Brothers Brewhouse to sell simple handmade bracelets that feature artwork from their cans.

Grimm Brothers is a brewery that specializes in German style beers, and they took their German theme to heart when they created the brewery. Each beer is based off a beloved tale told by the Brothers Grimm with artwork drawn by a local artist. The bracelets I created came from cans holding Fearless Youth (Munich Dunkel), Snow Drop (Kottbusher Ale), and Little Red Cap (Dusseldorf Altbier).

I can say it was fun creating these bracelets and that each one is unique. With such beautiful artwork to pull from, I had lots of fun shapes to feature in the bracelets.

Swing by Grimm Brothers Brewhouse to see these lovely bracelets in person and snag one of the beers featured on the bracelets while you’re at it.

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