There’s a lot of emphasis on holiday sales for jewelry businesses, and with good reason. The holidays present an opportunity to introduce your jewelry to new audiences and to increase your sales.

That being said, the holidays are also a busy time of year with the increased business activity and the personal time many take to celebrate the holidays. Working ahead is key to being prepared for the busy season. Here are some seasonal marketing ideas and tips you can use to plan ahead to have a successful holiday season

Find your shows early

Most of the holiday markets plan ahead. That means that the time to apply for the markets is months in advance during the summer season. If you’re looking for holiday markets be sure to do your research early so you don’t miss the cut-off dates to apply.

Plan your Sales

To help cut through the clutter, planning different promotions is important. While I certainly do my best to make sure I’m not having too many sales on my items, you could use some more creative holiday sale ideas to promote your items and encourage sales. Making a calendar and mapping out these activities can help you ensure that you have the right marketing ready to go.

Look ahead to your collections

If you are creating seasonal items tied around the holidays, look ahead early. Check your inventory to make sure you have the items you need in stock to create these jewelry items. If you need to buy more stock, do so earlier so you can create the items once your buyers start looking for festive holiday jewelry. In my experience, if you are planning to create these items in December, you’re already behind schedule.

Successful seasonal marketing ideas to help you plan ahead

Looking ahead is important so you can make sure that you’re on top of the important holiday season. When do you start planning your holiday sales strategy? What do you do to make the season more successful? When do you start planning? Share your ideas and strategies in the comments below?

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