Some people love Halloween. They enjoy dressing up in creative costumes and going all out with their makeup. Some people love to embrace horror, scary things, and the grotesque of the holiday. All this being said, I am not one of those people.

What others love about Halloween, I tend to run far away from. That means that when I was approached a few years ago to make Halloween jewelry, I wasn’t at all sure how to approach the process. How could I design jewelry that I would want to wear for a holiday that eludes me every single year?

After a few hours, I was able to embrace the challenge and relate beautiful pendants that embodied what I enjoyed about the holiday and made something very wearable.


Resin Halloween Jewelry

It’s no surprise when I say that I love resin. The medium is great for capturing multimedia elements. And, in many cases, the resin design that I make are one of a kind.

One of the first applications I choose was to layer some fabulous orange glitter with some choice pages from a dictionary. This page reads “witch” and “witchcraft,” a nod to an often seen characteristic of the holiday. Paired with a beaded gunmetal chain the results was spooky, sparkly, and devilishly stylish.

I also made a second bezel during my trials that had the “pumpkin” entry in the bezel.

halloween jewelry

Iced Enamels in Halloween Jewelry

If you want to enamel, but aren’t ready to commit to a torch, the Iced Enamels from Susan Lenart Kazmer are amazing. Even before I was gifted my heat gun, I was able to use these simply by heating on the stove.

I kept this design simple and focused on the orange enamel with a black 13, since Friday the Thirteenth is seen as such an unlucky day, and is a more Halloween-esque number. This original design has graced my neck for years, and it was this year that I had a coworker comment on the design so I choose to revisit it.

The newly updated are all a bit different; I inverted the numbers to be a 31 (the date of Halloween), added black rhinestones, added orange glitter, and even made a purple design since purple has grown in the last few years to be synonymous with Halloween.

While not particularly grotesque, the final designs are perfect for celebrating the holiday stylishly. What Halloween inspired jewelry do you enjoy wearing to celebrate the season? What do you enjoy most about the holiday? Leave your comments in the notes below.

Pst: if you’re interested in getting one of my Halloween-inspired necklaces with Iced Enamels, you can buy them on my Etsy store.

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