There’s something about the November and December months that make me want to create rich designs that will light up the dark days. I find that the color combinations that I gravitate towards tend more often than not to be golds and reds.

This may be because I myself tend towards these colors during this same time period. Red is such a rich color and has associations with the fall season. Red is also a fit for December. While many may associate it with the Christmas holiday, I see the color with some of the fruits of the season: pomegranate and cranberries to name two.

Gold is another color that I like to design with during this time of year. The rich hue can stand up to red, and it can also pair with white for a more delicate palette.

While some may see these designs as Christmas inspired jewelry, I’d like to think I’m inspired by more than just the holiday this time of year.

If you’d like to see all of my jewelry designs, whether in reds and golds or not, check out my Etsy store. It’s the best place to see the jewelry I’ve been crafting.

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