There’s something about February that screams romantic jewelry. Maybe it’s Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s a need to break up the dark colors of winter. Or, maybe it’s the calling of spring that is mere weeks away. Either way, I always find myself reaching for pink in February and designing a few jewelry designs with this color.

This year, I took the inspiration and ran with it. In fact, I decided my creations were worthy of revisiting a theme of the past; my Pretty in Pink Jewelry collection. Back in 2019, I released the Pretty in Pink Jewelry Collection, my ode to a color I didn’t particularly like for a long time.

This year I crafted several earring sets and two necklaces. Unlike years past, my goal this year is to craft jewelry that brings me joy, and go as far as my inspiration will take me. While it’s a smaller collection, I’m pleased with each design and how wearable it is.

These designs work well to bring a bit of color to the wearer, no matter the time of year. Whether you love the color pink, or are a newbie who is just starting to embrace the color, you’ll fall in love with these romantic jewelry designs.

I hope you enjoy these designs as much as I enjoyed creating them! As always, snag your favorite designs in my online Etsy Shop before they’re gone!

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