Want to learn a secret about me? For the longest time, I hated the color pink.

It’s true; in high school, pink seemed to be the color everyone loved. I was surrounded by the hue, in a plethora of shades, wherever I turned. Pink clothes, pink backpacks, girls stating how much the loved the color.

So for years, I ran from pink and refused to embrace it. I wouldn’t wear it in any form, and when I started designing jewelry it was consistently absent from my supplies.

As I grew older, pink began to grow on me, ever so slowly. Eventually, I started to add it to my gemstone collection, with the thought that just because I didn’t like the color didn’t mean others shared my opinion. I’m glad that I began to purchase gemstones and beads in this hue; there are so many lovely gemstones in this color.

When I thought of the different jewelry lines I wanted to create at the start of 2019 I immediately began to think of utilizing pink in February. This is partly because the month has Valentines Day, a holiday synonymous with romance and the color pink. It’s also because I rarely design with a pink color palette, and I think part of me wanted to try to stretch my creativity a bit and dip into a palette that isn’t my go-to like the cooler colors.

As with my first collection the Into the Woods collection, many of the items in this collection came easily. It turns out that I had a few different mixes from Jesse James Beads that spoke to me and inspired me easily. But instead of stopping with these easier designs, I pushed myself a bit more with this line, to use some of the gemstones and really spend the time getting the designs right.

I’m really pleased with the Pretty in Pink jewelry collection I created. I love the mix of textures, of pink hues, and of techniques. I love how some of the designs stand on their own and are bold, while others are more simple. I think the end result is truly elegant. And I hope that you feel the same way about this line. Shop the Pretty in Pink jewelry Collection now!


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